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Personal Assistant to our Gimberman in Chief


As the personal assistant to the CEO, you will provide him a 100% one-to-one support in all segments of his job. You will be involved in the day-to-day processes and tasks of the CEO. Those are too much to sum up, but in short: everything concerning daily planning (meetings, travels) and communication (monitoring emails and calls, drafting communications, taking notes).

With your extensive experience within this job, you will be having a lot of independence and responsibilities, as well as freedom to give your personal touch. As the personal “swiss-knife” of the CEO, you will be having a lot of impact, that’s for sure.


  • At least 10 years of relevant experience
  • Knowledge of Dutch, French and English (native or at least fully proficient)
  • Full-time position, preferably on payroll
  • GIMBER personality: excellent interpersonal skills, stress resistant, well structured and organized, positive vibes and entrepreneurial minded
  • Intellectual capacities (fast learner, etc)

Are you in for a challenge and do you want to show what an impact you can have? You’ll get tons of opportunities to prove yourself, will work together with a very inspiring founder and the whole GIMBER team. And don’t forget: you’ll be able to drink GIMBER everyday!

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