Paul Fraysse

Paul Fraysse


Pro beauty catcher

Getting to truly be yourself is not a straight line. Oftentimes, life brings you to digress, try things, fall, dust yourself up and try something else. What matters is the spirits. It’s staying connected to your deepest nature while lending an ear to where it tells you to go. That’s what Paul Fraysse’s life story reminded us of.  Holding his first camera at the age of 14, this video maker & photographer powered through the ups and downs of a career that only knew one thing for certain: determination is key. ‘Cause life won’t hand you everything on a silver platter, but when it does hand you talent, use it to craft your own version of a conscious lifestyle. Just like Paul did. Let’s have a listen at what he has to say.

Hey Paul, tell us, how did you get to do what you do today?

I was very much inspired by my father who always had a camera rolling. It quickly became a thing for me to film everything on my phone or on whatever lens I came across. I naturally came to study broadcasting, marketing, etc. but ended up being hired on sets as a technicien, which, let’s be honest, was never what I wanted to do. I then went back to Biarritz to study Sports Management but again, didn’t manage to get where I was hoping. That’s when it hit me: I had to go back to the roots of my passion: filming and photographing. That’s what I do now for a living and nothing makes me happier.

Why did you choose to settle in Biarritz?

I’m from Pau. I came to Biarritz to study and discovered a whole new world: the beach, nature, surf. Also, I made a lot of friends. So I stayed. This is where I feel like home

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What are your favourite spots to enjoy the city?

Restaurants & Bars: Le Classique, around the Halles de Biarritz.

Hotel: Le Palmito, I got to discover it through my girlfriend’s photograph of the place. Lovely place. 

Boutique: Les Enfants Terribles. The owner buys clothes in bulk and paints on them. Also, Deus Ex Machina, that offers a boutique space, a café and an open space.

Secret spot: Plage d’Ilbarritz à Bidart, a small, super cool beach with the castle of IIbarritz overlooking the beach.

If you were a mocktail, what would you be?

The Gim Tonic!

What’s your favourite way to drink GIMBER?

I love a perfect serve in the evening.

You’ve had to show a lot of determination to get where you are today. What gives you the kick to keep going?

Travels! I was lucky enough to travel with friends in lots of places, mostly related to surfing. Also, work. My work is my passion, so my passion is work! It makes me eager to work and save to treat myself. That’s what drives me.

What’s your advice to lead a healthy, conscious life?

Don’t do as I do (laughs). I’ve come across the expression “eat the frog”. It refers to the fact that a meal should always start with a frog as it will make the other courses taste better. Start with the hard stuff, then everything else will feel easier, right?  Also, drink lots of water!

© Paul Fraysse

© Paul Fraysse

© Paul Fraysse