Nicolas Del Puerto

Nicolas Del Puerto


Surfboard Shaper

Surf wouldn’t be surf without its main apparel: the surfboard. But who are the people behind this edgy tool ready to cut through tremendous waves? Well, we can’t know all of them, but we did get acquainted with one of Biarritz most praised craftsmen of the genre: Nicolas Del Puerto. Born a surfer, he settled in Biarritz 10 years ago, where he built Numb Surfboards, a board shaping business, from scratch. Trained for 2 years in Australia by only the best shapers, he’s now giving back to the place he picked to entertain his lifestyle thanks to the skills he’s collected along the way. We sat down with this pro shaper to understand how he shapes the most important thing: his life.

Hey Nicolas! We would settle in Biarritz in a heartbeat but tell us, why did you?

I’m originally from Brittany. I came here to get closer to nature with my wife and kids. As a surfer, there’s no better place in France to embrace  both the sport and the lifestyle.

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What are your favourite spots to enjoy the city?

Restaurants & Bars: I’d have to say Etxola Bibi. Also, my wife works there!

Hotel: Le Palmito and Hôtel de la Plage. Great spots.

Boutique: Wild Bazar. They sell decoration items in the center of Biarritz, in the old port neighbourhood.

Secret spot: La côte des Basques, huge surf spot just down Etxola Bibi. It’s a great spot for beginners and advanced surfers.

If you were a mocktail, what would you be?

One made of lemon, ginger, orange juice & Perrier. My wife actually makes it for me. Anything that gets close to that will do as well.

If you love ginger, you’ve got to love GIMBER. What’s your favourite way to drink GIMBER? 

I love a Perfect Serve but I also like it as a shot in the morning. It’s perfect to kick off the day.

Shaping surfboards is a demanding craft. What gives you the kick to keep going?

Love! My family mostly, but also enjoying life.

What’s your advice to lead a healthy, conscious life?

Basics: surf! And overall, sports. That’s what allows me to release the pressure and to clear my head. 

© Lemeunier Maxime

© Lemeunier Maxime

© Lemeunier Maxime