Art never tasted so good: new collab in the gimber lab

After Gucci and Porsche, VEXX unleashed his creativity to create a fierce limited-edition bottle of our GIMBER N°1 ORIGINAL. Celebrated throughout the globe for his signature “doodles” & his flair for NFT’s, VEXX is one of the top young artist of the moment. So don’t miss out, grab a VEXX bottle for you or as a gift before they’re all gone. 

Vexx, The man behind the art

Colouring inside the lines while thinking outside of them is a skill Vince Okerman, a.k.a. VEXX, has been mastering since high school. Today, at the age of 24, this Belgian multidisciplinary visual artist has got the whole wide world hanging on his every lick of paint. After gathering 3.5 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, VEXX has hypnotized Times Square, Tokyo, London, Amsterdam,... with his signature “doodles” style. 

While sketching his way to the top, he has left his mark on brands such as Porsche, Gucci, Red Bull, before organically partnering up with GIMBER. A rising star of NFTs VEXX explores & conquers new territories to the sheer force of his wrists & the fearless expression of his unique craft. 

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