Frequently asked questions

What’s in the BOOOOOOX???

  • What are the ingredients of GIMBER?
  • GIMBER consists of 40% organic Peruvian ginger, lemons, herbs, spices, gems, a lot of passion and love.

    The exact mix of herbs, spices and gems is a well-protected secret that only our founder, Dimitri knows.

  • Why Peruvian ginger?
  • For us, it's just the best in the world. And we try many of them! It's a high altitude mountain ginger, a small one. He had to fight to grow. And everyone knows gingers are like humans: if you had to fight to grow, you are a million times more interesting.

  • Does GIMBER contain alcohol and/or can I drink it as a pregnant women?
  • GIMBER is completely alcohol-free. 

    Are you pregnant? Well congratulations! It is perfectly fine to raise a glass of GIMBER to celebrate this happy news. But, as with everything else, you shouldn’t exaggerate in your consumption of this nectar. When in doubt, please contact your doctor.

  • Does GIMBER contain sugar and/or can I drink it as a diabetic? 
  • GIMBER contains some sugar to balance the power of the drink. If you lengthen it 1 to 10 you have 3.3 g of sugar in your drink, which is slightly less than milk, 2 to 3 times less than apple juice.

    If you have diabetes, please check with your doctor when in doubt.

    Still too much sugar for you? No worries, we are working on a sugar-free version of GIMBER. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date about this and other GIMBER novelties. 

  • Can I drink GIMBER together with blood thinners?
  • Ginger has a blood-thinning effect. For healthy people, this is a very positive thing and brings extra oxygen into the body. However, in combination with medicinal blood thinners, it is advisable to consume ginger in moderation, because ginger enhances the effect of the drug.

  • Is GIMBER arousing?
  • There is no théine or caffeine in ginger nor in GIMBER. Ginger is an aphrodisiac, so it might keep you awake at night for other reasons... 😏

  • My GIMBER has another colour! Is that normal?
  • We do not add additives or preservatives in our GIMBER. It is a completely natural product. Colour changes are therefore perfectly normal.  Ginger grows on different altitudes and different farmers. 

  • My GIMBER has sediment! Is that normal?


  • The sediment you see on the bottom of your bottle is the proof our product is unfiltered. It’s the ginger residue and what gives POWER to your drink. We prefer this than to add emulsifiers. So, make sure you always shake shake shake before you serve serve serve. 

  • Do I destroy the ginger benefits by adding boiling water to my GIMBER?
  • You will always lose some of the vitamin C if something heats up above 60 °. But good news, Ginger is especially interesting for its gingerol and other minerals instead of its vitamin C. 

  • Expiration date 
  • Unopened: 1 year = 12 months = 52 weeks = 365 days = 8 765,81277 hours = 31 556 926 seconds = You’re still reading this??? Go enjoy your GIMBER instead! 

    Once opened:  Keep cool! ( < 7 °) You’re GIMBER is still good for 60 days. 


    We try our best to ship your orders as soon as possible. We opted to work with DPD Not because they are the cheapest, but because of their service, the care and the flexibility are best in line with what we stand for.

    For the deliveries, you can opt for regular delivery, a delivery at a collection point or simply picking everything up in the shop.

    You can follow your shipment via a track & trace code.

    Important message concerning the terms of delivery

    DPD has informed us that, because of the huge success of e-commerce these days, many parcels are processed and shipped with some delay. Fortunately, some packages are still delivered within 1 to 2 working days but at the moment you have to take into account an average delivery period of 4 to 5 days (although in exceptional cases this can sometimes be a bit more). We have been assured that DPD will do everything possible to deliver the packages as quickly as possible so that you can enjoy your favourite GIMBER drink at the soonest 😊.  Thanks for your understanding & stay strong !

    If you haven’t received your order 5 working days after having received your tracking number please feel free to contact

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  • Where can I find some new recipes for innovative mocktails/cocktails/dishes with GIMBER? 
  • You can find all our recipes here, or create your own and show us via Instagram by tagging @gimber_drink and mentioning #GIMBER. 

  • What to do with empty bottles?
  • Our bottles are made for 60% of recycled glass. Glass is reused for 100% so sort them and throw them in the glass container .  BUT, if you can’t get over the fact to throw away the beautiful bottle, you can always reuse them as a vase, flower holder, or even as a fitness machine! 



    NOOOOOO!!! If you want to return your order, that means we screwed up…

    Offcourse, you can rely on the right of withdrawal within fourteen days after delivery of the product or upon signature of an agreement for the provision of services, without penalty and without stating reasons. This can be done by sending a written notice by email to  If you wish to rely on the said right then the products must be returned to GIMBER at the Rue de Bruxelles 78 in Tubize, Belgium, in their original condition and packaging at your own risk and expense. To guarantee a safe delivery of the package, we recommend using an insured courier service. Namely, the buyer is responsible for the return shipment.

    The possibility of withdrawal is not applicable in case of delivery of goods that were manufactured specifically for the consumer or that are of a personal nature.  Return shipments cash on delivery are not accepted.  The repayment takes place to the account number specified by you after receipt and inspection of the return shipment.