The World’s no. 1
Ginger Concentrate

La primavera è la stagione dei nuovi inizi! E allora perché non iniziare a godersi la vita appieno con GIMBER?. Taste the power of GIMBER. A versatile organic drink made from premium ginger, lemon, herbs and spices to make your taste buds tango. Zero alcohol, plenty of bite.


Esplora l'energia

01Quickly boost your day

GIMBER can give you a much-needed boost. There’s absolutely no caffeine in our GIMBER, only lots of POWER due to the large amount of high-quality ginger!

02Easy to make

Add a little GIMBER to every day and feel the kick of a delicate ginger blend. Mix to perfection by adding sparkling water.

The perfect GIMBER serve
  • 3cl GIMBER
  • 20cl fresh sparkling water
  • Thyme / Mint

03 Alcohol-free and organic

Bursting with character and a bit quirky. GIMBER is made of organic and high-quality ginger, lemons, cane sugar, herbs and spices, creating a powerful and tasteful drink.

04Does wonders for your immune system

Gingerol is one of the most important components of ginger. It’s what gives it its kick and together with ‘shogaol’, it gives ginger its antibacterial and Anti-inflammatory qualities. Gingerol lowers cholesterol levels, has a positive effect on digestion and much more.

Green GIMBER Spritz

  • 1 small seedless (Persian) cucumber
  • 30 ml GIMBER
  • 175 ml green juice
  • Sparkling water
  • Sparkling water

05Create healthy recipes with a twist

GIMBER is probably the most versatile drink in the world. Not only can it be used to create different types of drinks, it's also a great product for cooking. The possibilities are endless!

Vegan GIMBER Waffles
  • Vegan GIMBER Waffles
  • 1 mashed banana
  • 60 gr melted plant-based butter
  • 200 gr whole-wheat flour or spelt flour
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 2 tbsp GIMBER
  • A pinch of salt

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Adoro questo prodotto. Ogni mattina lo metto in una tazza con una fettina di limone e miele e lo allungo con acqua bollente. Delizioso!!

Hugo e Henry

Oggi è arrivata la mia bottiglia di GIMBER. Delizioso e una vera botta di energia. Ottimo per le serate senza alcol.


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