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Warehouse Supervisor


As the orders at GIMBER are growing really fast, they need some extra power for the Blue Collars Warehouse Team. In short, they are looking for an organized, reliable, detail- and service-orientated Warehouse Supervisor with managerial skills to oversee and coordinate the daily Warehouse activities. You will be responsible for ensuring the highest quality of the work and will maximize the productivity of the Warehouse to ensure that GIMBER is stored and shipped out in an accurate and efficient manner (within the specified deadline). 


  • Achieving high levels of customer satisfaction through excellence in receiving, identifying, dispatching and assuring quality of goods.
  • Install a clean Warehouse Policy
  • Measure and report the effectiveness of warehousing activities (determine Warehouse KPI’s) and employee performance
  • Standard Q checks Gimber Products
  • Supervise shipment materials match packing lists before dispatching orders B2B and B2C
  • Supervise accuracy orders Large Accounts as well as shipment
  • Control and organize storage and inventory space and inventory transactions
  • Supervise tasks distribution among Blue Collars
  • Determine staffing levels as well as administrative follow up and allocate workload
  • Train, guide and evaluate new warehouse workers
  • Identify areas of improvement and establish innovative or adjust existing work procedures and practices
  • Confer and coordinate activities with other departments
  • Supervise all forklift activities
  • Ensure Security on the work floor


  • degree in Supply Chain Management or proven experience as a Warehouse Supervisor → you have 6-15 years of relevant experience
  • Effective supervisory skills and techniques
  • Hands-on commitment to get the job done
  • Forklift certification and/or ability to successfully complete forklift training and operate machinery safely according to company protocol
  • Proficiency in computer systems, including Microsoft 360
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Communicating in English, French and Dutch is no problem for you
  • Positive attitude and mindset
  • Excellent interpersonal skills - Teamwork
  • Ability to meet deadlines and work well under pressure
  • Critical thinker and problem solver
  • Proactivity in establishing work planning

Are you in for a challenge? Ready to conquer GIMBER’s Warehouse? You’ll get plenty of opportunities to prove yourself, will get responsibilities and don’t forget: you’ll be able to drink GIMBER everyday!

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