Mathieu Crepel

Mathieu Crepel


Waterman in for a dare

You can’t start skiing at the age of 2 without developing a zest for the extreme. That’s exactly what happened to Mathieu Crepel, 37, who became a professional snowboarder almost as soon as he could walk. Born in Tarbes, a town located right between the mountains and the Basque Country, Mathieu is the very definition of an all-around adventurer. Sliding the duster on a snowboard crafted by his father at the age of 7, he starred in a snowboard movie at only 10 years old in Greenland. Overwhelmed by the power of nature, he got there the kick for adventure that led him, years later, to cross the Atlantic, surf the baddest waves, and learn mountain-climbing. His out-of-the-ordinary path inspired us to dig a bit deeper and ask Mathieu a few questions about what drives him to dare life to the fullest.

Hey Mathieu, tell us, why did you settle in Biarritz?

As someone who lives through nature, I definitely needed a place like this. I love having a variety of landscapes at hand. Here you can surf in the morning and parasail over the mountain in the afternoon. I need a place like this to have the lifestyle I want to have. Plus, Basque Country culture is so rich! You gotta love the food, the language, not to mention the party spirit that’s always there to bring you close to your friends. It’s truly a place with deep values.

© Lemeunier Maxime

What are your favourite spots to enjoy the city?

Restaurants & Bars: Etxola Bibi in the morning. Artnoa, a bodega, is also a place I dig. Great atmosphere and they really know what they’re talking about in terms of wine.

Hotel: Auberge KosKenia, in Bidart. They took an old post office and turned it into a hostel. You can stare at the fronton where people play the Basque pelota.

Boutique: ShaperHouse in Biarritz. They have a shop, a bar and a cooperative there where you can learn how to craft your own board under the supervision of pros.

Secret spot: There’s loads! But I’m not quite ready to reveal mine…

If you were a mocktail, what would you be?

I’d say a Raspberry Daiquiri, as I’m a fan of raspberry and love the tangy & fruity combo.

We heard through the grapevine that you have a soft spot for GIMBER. What’s your favourite way to drink it?

A Perfect Serve! A shot of GIMBER with sparkling water, which I’m having as we speak. My go-to sparkling water is Ocean Fifty 2, as I’m an ambassador of the brand. It’s sold in a can, has got a lemon splash and is enriched with magnesium, which is great for sports amateurs.The cherry on top: they donate 52% of their benefits to the preservation of nature.

You’re an adventurer, so tell us, what brings THE kick to your life?

Being in touch with nature on a daily basis. That’s a must. And the ocean. If I don’t include that in my day, I don’t quite feel like myself.

What’s your advice to lead a healthy, conscious life?

I make sure to take some time off the daily hustle and bustle and to connect with nature. Being surrounded by good friends and family is also crucial. I don’t pressure myself and always try to stay true to myself.

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© Lemeunier Maxime

© Oxbow/greg rabejac