Camille Vidal, Mindful drinker and GIMBER fan

GIMBER Originals: Mindful Drinking expert, Camille Vidal Shares her Best Non-Alcoholic Drink

A conversation with Camille Vidal

Camille Vidal, creator of Mindful Cocktails™ and founder of La Maison Wellness, an educational platform for people who want to learn how to drink more mindfully. She loves creating cocktails and moments of celebration, but she does believe we can do it in a way that feels good by championing flavour over dreaded hangovers. Camille is all about having epic nights and early mornings.

“We should never feel like we have to compromise on taste if we want to be more mindful!
That is why I love using GIMBER in my Mindful Cocktails because it gives that full flavour kick and is not only delicious but it’s also nutritious.”

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Yoga and mindfull drinking

What is Mindful Drinking about?

You might have heard of Mindful Drinking and you might be wondering what that means exactly? Drinking less or not at all, drinking better or less often? Actually, there isn’t one answer as one size doesn’t fit all. Mindful drinking is more than just whether we drink alcohol or not, it’s about becoming aware of our drinking habits and finding the balance that works the best for ourselves. It’s a journey of discovery and by bringing alcohol-free options as well by using better ingredients in the glass, we can truly drink well to live well.

How do I start Drinking Mindfully?

It’s not about hitting rock bottom or waiting for that awful hangover to make us change the way we drink, it’s about bringing mindfulness into the glass, and to realise that celebrating can taste good and feel good. Especially right now when the world is slowly reopening again, and whether you are feeling eager to get back into socialising or if in face you’re feeling anxious about it we can make sure to use cocktails to celebrate and not to escape the moment.

To help you discover the delicious and exciting world of Mindful Drinking Camille wanted to share some of my favourite recipe she has created using GIMBER:


  • 30ml GIMBER
  • Top up with alcohol-free Big Drop Brewing Co. Uptown Craft Lager
  • Spritz of orange blossom water (optional)



Orange Slice

Best Mocktail recipe according to Camille Vidal

Other recipes from La Maison Wellness made with GIMBER