New kid in town: GIMBER N°2 BRUT


We're very proud to announce our new product variant to the G-Family: GIMBER N°2 BRUT. Not only did we manage to reduce the sugar by 50% in this variant, but also has other herbs & spices in the mix, without compromising on the POWER you'd expect from GIMBER.

More info about our new kid in town, we gathered here some questions that we received from some of you, or an FAQ as we like to say. 

Why did we call it BRUT?

When I say Champagne, you say…Brut! Yes, that’s where you’ve heard it before. This French word might bring back some memories drenched in bubbles, and we’re just about to pop those with brand new ginger wonder. Our BRUT refers to the natural state of an alcohol-free ginger concentrate that features everything you already love about GIMBER Original, with 50% less sugar. With this newcomer, we are happy to please those who roll lower-sugar style.

What’s Yuzu?

Yuzu is a superfruit but also, it is THE flavour of the year. Yuzu owes its rising fame to its crazy amounts of vitamin C and antioxidants. Sweet, flowery and tart, it’s become the go-to ingredient for all taste diggers, chefs and mixologists, mesmerized by its subtle wood and coconut notes.

Who’s going to love BRUT?

Those who keep a close eye on their sugar intake due to a specific diet, some health issues or for the sake of a healthier lifestyle. Also, BRUT is a great fit for all fans of GIMBER Original, who can know choose between two versions of their favourite alcohol-free ginger drink.