Your tasks will include:

  • Analysis sales forecasting and stock levels
  • Purchase of raw materials (+bottles, caps and labels)
  • Organize our production cycle from ginger root to golden bottle
  • Set-up an efficient flow for our production cycle to prepare our growth and elaboration of production gamma
  • Preparing, planning and organizing the production of our beloved golden potions
  • Support the smooth operational flow of ordering, transport and delivery of our ingredients and materials to the production sites
  • Managing the aspect of quality within production
  • Close contact and direct communication with all our internal and external partners
  • Follow-up financial flow of production and drive continuous improvement

The skills we NEED you to have

  • You have at least a bachelors degree
  • You have an analytical mind
  • Experience in FMCG purchasing and production is required
  • You speak and write fluent English (main company language) and you have preferably a second language which is Dutch or French
  • You are a master in organizing and keeping an eye on everything
  • You have a quick and analytical way of thinking
  • You are a communication sensei
  • You think in possibilities and solutions, not in problems or negativism
  • You drink GIMBER every day


Our headquarters are in Tubize. We are aware of the fact that it might feel like a godforsaken place without Wifi, but we can assure you it’s not. Also, we operate in a flexible remote work environment. After all, online is everywhere... or is it nowhere? By the way, we can’t wait to hear your views on that question during your interview...


So if you were nodding all along and smiling to your screen while reading about ginger, logistics, warehousing and Tubize, you probably have it in you to take the next step and apply for this position. We wish you to blow our socks off with the inventory of your soft and hard skills because, if even we would want to work for us, we understand why you would :).

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