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Digital Project Manager


As the Digital Project Manager, you’ll be responsible for the automatisation of communication and efficiency processes across different departments: ranging from operations, marketing to sales (and much more). You will collaborate with several departments where you will map out the way of working and will be actively looking for digital solutions by creating, improving or integrating.

At the GIMBER office, you’ll be also known as the “Digital Improver”. Your tasks will for example include the optimization of the CRM, process development and setting priorities with management: you’ll be making recommendations for improvements. In short, you will focus on quick wins but also on long term projects and make sure the internal way of work is in line with GIMBER’s philosophy.

GIMBER wants to be ready for the next step and therefore there is a clear need for future proof processes combined with digital solutions. You will be responsible for the overall digital strategy of the internal work process.

Your profile

  • Digital native
  • Fluent in Dutch, French and English
  • Analytical mind with business mindset
  • Academic background in IT related domains
  • Experience with web and software solutions
  • A plus is working experience in startups
  • Ready to make a passionate business ready for the next generation
  • Project based mindset and willing to think outside the box

Are you in for a challenge? Ready to conquer GIMBER’s HQ? You’ll get plenty of opportunities to prove yourself, will get responsibilities and don’t forget: you’ll be able to drink GIMBER everyday!

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