Ginger: The Ultimate Root with Benefits for a Better Lifestyle

Ginger, the Root of it all

If you are reading this then you already know we love ginger. You probably do too. Our love of ginger is what drives us…all the way to Peru (not literally of course, there is an ocean). That is where we find the absolute highest quality premium ginger on earth for our delectable ginger mix.

How well do you really know Ginger? I mean sure it makes a great tea and a very fast breadman, but at this point you’re probably thinking, “how well DO I know ginger? What about health benefits? Are there any? Could somebody list them in a thorough yet succinct manner??” Well today is your lucky day.

What are the Health Benefits of Ginger?

There are countless health benefits to Ginger. Chief among them are its powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities making it a delicious way to fight inflammation and free radicals!

Ginger is also known to combat nausea, which is very helpful in a year when every news headline kind of makes us want to barf. Additionally, ginger has been shown to lower blood sugar, cholesterol and even relieve indigestion! This makes it the perfect pairing when it ’tis the season to eat 12 months’ worth of feelings.

The benefits of ginger are not only limited to the realm of GI health. Studies have also shown that ginger can reduce the growth of cancer. In addition to the physical effects, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that ginger offers tremendous mental health benefits. Including improved memory and attention as well as combating anxiety and depression. 

GIMBER ingredients

Want to skip to the ultimate GIMBER health benefits list? Here it is.

How Ginger Can Improve your Lifestyle:

  • Make ginger a part of your life, with GIMBER.
  • Improve your drink, improve your lifestyle; GIMBER.
  • Step up your game and step up your life; GIMBER.

If all of that is not enough to convince you of the value of ginger, then know this; it can even boost your libido…for sex!
We think we’ve made our point.

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