Ruben Visser 't hooft

GIMBER Originals: Adrenaline Seeker Talks about the Kick of Healthy Challenges

A conversation with Ruben Visser’t Hooft

What does a healthy lifestyle mean? For some people, it might mean control or a routine, for others it may mean seeking growth or a challenge. Ruben Visser’t Hooft, one of our GIMBER ambassadors (okay, the coolest one for sure), finds adrenaline in seeking that balance, he keeps challenging himself and others to become better versions of themselves. 

To Me Daring Life Means Challenging my Body and Mind to Achieve a Healthy Lifestyle

It comes from two sources, I think. One, taking care of and challenging yourself physically elevates your life in so many more ways than just fitness. You feel fit, that’s a given. But it also provides a good base for mental and emotional health and wellbeing. This in turn influences other factors of your life positively, too. Think, for example, of your career or relationships.

Second, I’m really competitive. If there is something I can recommend for a healthy adrenaline kick, it’s challenging yourself and your friends. You can challenge me any day. In fact, pushing our limits creates mental toughness, which in turn is also beneficial for a balanced and healthy lifestyle. 

I Started Cutting Down on Alcohol as a Challenge and this is What Happened… 

For me, I notice that without the use of alcohol, my life looks a lot brighter. I started out with an experiment, which led to living a healthy lifestyle. A balance is always good, but for me cutting down on alcohol works the best.

After 3,5 year of complete sobriety, I tried drinking a bit for a few months, but I soon realized that fully cutting down alcohol consumption is the best thing for me. Besides that, I’m relatively easy when it comes to diet. I don’t eat meat, and I’m currently doing intermittent fasting, but other than that I eat whatever I want.

GIMBER Made Living a Healthy Lifestyle Surprisingly Easy

My connection with GIMBER began by chance. A PR agency sent me a GIMBER test package with shots to share with my friends and family. That was the first time I tried the drink. Not only do I love the drink itself, but I stand behind the idea of a drink with the allure of an “alcoholic drink” without the downside of alcohol. It’s classy, tasty, and you can create a variety of drinks with it.

I like this approach to something that already exists, by giving a fresh twist to it, you create something new and progressive. It’s much easier to cut down on alcohol and live a healthy lifestyle this way.

I Do What I Am Passionate About and Even in this Context I Like to Take on New Challenges.

Photography is for sure my biggest passion. But, since travelling has been slow lately, I started focusing more on studio and analogue photography. It is a different world, and I can learn so much again. Now my dream is to start printing and framing my work more, to create a new dimension in the field that I am already working in.

In addition to that, I am also super passionate about running my jewellery brand City of Gold. Every day is full of challenges, learning moments and victories. I love it.

A Bit More About My Two Favourite Places on Earth

Bali. For sure. The island stole my heart a few years ago, and there is no day that I don’t think of that magical place. The people, the surf, the nature, the vibe, the sometimes-sharp edges. It is a perfect place.

Although I have to say that in these weird times, I’m also loving where I am right now; Amsterdam Oud-West. I’ve started loving my home more and more over the past year. It’s within walking distance of the Vondelpark, I really enjoy my neighbourhood, and if I want, I can be in the dunes or at sea within an hour.

My Advice for Living a Healthy Lifestyle

It’s already in you. All you are looking for comes from within. You just have to stand still and listen. It might not be easy, but it’s not complicated.

A note I’d like to end on…

Especially in this time where the world is in chaos, observe what you have, and you’ll find so many reasons to be happy. From this (mental) place, continue to build your dreams and keep challenging yourself.