Xmas treat
under the Xmas tree

Give those you love the intense (and tasty) power of nature.

There might be less lights on the Xmas tree this year but there is just the same amount of warmth in a bottle of GIMBER. The perfect gift exists of a versatile organic drink made from premium ginger, lemon, herbs and spices to make your taste buds tango.
Zero alcohol, plenty of bite.

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What do you think about a collector gift by VEXX?

Who wouldn’t want to get a unique art piece by international star artist VEXX? Our limited-edition GIMBER x VEXX bottle will blow your artsy friends’ mind. And it tastes just as great as it looks!


Or do you stick to our signature bottles?

Offer someone you love 25 intense & warm moments of pure pleasure.
GIMBER, turning moments into gold.

But, your gift could also have the whole package.

The perfect gift pack with recipes

What’s better than a bottle of GIMBER? A couple of them & a set of gorgeous recipe cards in Dutch/French. For the holidays, get your loved ones hooked on the versatility of the alcohol-free & tasty kick of GIMBER.


Discover GIMBER N°1 Original Gift Pack

Taste never looked as good as in our notorious Gift Pack. 25 serves of delight, 2 glasses & 2 straws wrapped in a classy sustainable box make the perfect holiday gift for your friends & dinner hosts. 


Shake it. Drink it. Cook it. Tame it.

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